Raising Awareness to Combat Violence Against Women

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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead: Ashtar Theatre, Zakher association

Project Participants: Zeina Mabrouk – Eman AL-Atawais

Summary of the Problem

Domestic abuse against women (includes physical, psychological, sexual and economic abuse)

Proposed Solution

Raising awareness to change attitudes about and responses to abuse.

  • Raising awareness with women, so they do not accept it for themselves or condone it for others.
  • Raising awareness among men and changing attitudes and behavior
  • Coordination amongst organizations addressing this problem, so that the network does a better job of working together to address the problem

Technology to Solve the Problem

  • Radio spots
  • Interactive/social website that offers peer to peer counseling on-line
  • Videos

Existing solutions or relevant links

There are a number of organizations in Ramallah, Gaza, Jerusalem that address this problem, including Oppressed People Theatre, Iman

Follow-on Actions

  • Find someone in this group to help to create a simple website
  • * Will include all resources in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, etc., related to assisting with domestic violence
  • * Will include a chat room so that members can check in to get/give peer to peer advice
  • Create a Facebook page, link to website
  • Create YouTube channel, link to Facebook page, embed in website
  • Upload films from Oppressed People Theatre

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