Simplifying NGO Transparency Message to Larger Audiences

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Simplifying NGO Transparency Message to Larger Audiences


This project was developed at the TechCamp in Santiago, Chile on November 20. TechCamp Santagio had over 100 participants, including a few US technologists, over 20 Chilean Tech community representatives, and approximately 80 NGOs and civil society organization representatives from across Latin America. Small group discussions between technologists and civil society organizations were used as a means of developing valid problem definition statements.

The point of contact for this project is Noel Dickover ( or is a secondary contact. He is US-based and can be reached via email or cell during RHoK at seven-zero-three--two-three-one--three-nine-one-two, or via twitter at @NoelDickover. Noel may be available via Skype (NoelDickover) Friday evening, late Saturday evening and Sunday.


There is a need to simplify messages for broad audiences. NGOs need to operate more transparently, and a lack of transparency can affect people negatively. They need to communicate more clearly and speak the same language. For example, someone discovers an emergency situation on a social network, but it may be one which is not being communicated transparently by the government. The web would allow the person to compare with similar situations. Tools to use here include data bases and Wikitimes.

There are NGOs working transparency themes that do not communicate well with people. We want them to speak the same language and want affected people to connect with groups that can help them.


  • Sharing location of food distribution sites after a disaster
  • Smart Citizen (Ciudadano Inteligente) (example of data collection)
  • (example of samples of causes)
  • Wikicrimes


Alba Duarte Introducing this at TechCamp Santiago

Use Case/User Story/Scenario

A person tells about a moving case on a social network. A video explains this case from the point of view of the protagonist, knowing the relationship of the issue with the lack of transparency of the government.*

  • A website gives it context with other similar stories, and offers the opportunity to add your story and contact other groups.

Similar projects and Resources

  • Smart Citizen (Ciudadano Inteligente) (example of data collection)
  • (example of samples of causes)
  • Wikicrimes

En Español

Resumen del meta

¿Cómo explicamos a los personas que la falta de transparencia afecta su vida negativamente?

Descripcion de la necesidad

Hay ONG's trabajando temas de transparencia que no se comunican bien con las personas. Queremos gue hablen el mismo idioma y gue los afectados se conecten con grupos que pueden ayudarlos. Queremos crear esta conexion entre varios ONG trabajando en respuesta a disaster, monitoreo de elecciones, reporte de crimen o prevencion o otros enfoques semejantes.


Alba Duarte introducir esto en TechCamp Santiago

Quein lo neceista?

Las ONG's gue trabajan con 'transparencia' y la ciudananía quee teine problemas con ella en sus países.

Caso Tipico

  • Una persona se entera de un caso conmovedor en una red social. Un video explica este caso de mano de su protagonist, conociendo la relación del suceso conla falta de transparencia del gobierno.
  • Un sitio web le da context con otras historias similares, y ofrece la oportunidad de agregar tu historia o contactar a otro grupo.

Soluciones que ya existen o enlaces relevantes

  • Ciudadano Inteligente (ejemplo de recopilación de datos)
  • (ejemplo de las muestras de causas)
  • Wikicrimes