Social Compass- Verifying Social Media Content

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Project Title:

Social Compass- Verifying Social Media Content

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Project Participants:

Samantha Barry, Erin Cauchi, Karim Lebhour, Sonia Schott, Lindsay Armstrong, Ben Doernberg, Bahaa El-Taweal, Fatima AlSalem, Katie Baker, Rachel Dzanashvili, Shauna Dillavou, Bryan Nuñez, Felipe Marin,,,,,,,,,

Technologist Project Lead:

Samantha Barry, Megan Specia

Project Presenter:

Ben Doernberg

Group Number:


Problem Set Format

Problem sets and solutions provide a method that details everything you need to get support to a critical problem to which an NGO or a grassroots organization faces.

Summary of the Problem

This is a description of the problem situation. What kind of people mission better if this problem is solved?

Newsrooms and journalists get sent, and see, a great deal of social media content and it’s often difficult to verify it.

Summary of the Proposed Solution

This should provide an outline of the basic need that would solve the above problem.

We intend to create a step-by-step guide to enable journalists to know what steps to take, what questions to ask and what tech tools can be used to help verify video and pictures. We also want to build an advanced search tool that lets us search all social media platforms using an email or username

Technology to Solve the Problem

Areas of technology that you believe have the potential to solve this problem? (eg mobile devices, social networks, geospatial technology, etc.). As the proposed solution could be used?

Our problem can be solved using a combination of journalistic strategies and new tech tools. We list what questions need answered in the verification and also supply tools to help journalists answer these questions. Our advanced search tool makes finding the source a quicker process saving vital time in pursuit of a story.

Existing solutions or relevant links

What other information could help technologists working on this idea?

Our guide brings together links to many existing solutions for the verification of media that currently exist including

  • google streetmaps
  • TinEye
  • Wikimapia
  • Alexia

Follow-on Actions

Once a potential solution has been developed, what is your plan of action to implement it? Should arise as a series of steps and goals, preferably together with actions assigned to a specific group of people.

We have created a basic step-by-step guide for journalists and newsroom. We have also built a tech tool (SOCIAL COMPASS) that helps journalists to search for the source of video of over one hundred social platforms using an email, username, picture detail etc.

Our follow-on actions would include:

  • A redesign of both the guide and the tool
  • Share the guide with the TechCamp participants
  • Share the guide with all of our journalist networks on a variety of platforms and recommend others to share
  • Longer term plan would be create an e-Book and an app for young journalists to learn how to verify social media content
  • Identifying influential journalism schools/professors to collaborate with in the future- including sharing the guide and tool with their students