Social networks as a technology for the development of culture of philanthropy

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Group 10/11

Project Title:

Social networks as a technology for the development of culture of philanthropy

Project Manager:

Ivanna Goat Cousin Anna All participants: John Kozy Anna Cousin

Short description:

This description of the problem situation. Who will help this problem? The credibility of the organizations involved in charity, now quite low. We thought about what social networks can help you? Millions of people every day log on to their accounts. Social networks have a fairly wide range of tools (videos, photos, audio clips, posts, notes) that are to be used for the distribution of specific facts about the organization. Another important point - it is feedback. The solution will help charities to raise awareness of their activities, and thus to show the people that, yes, these charitable money is wasted, and are used to help.

Proposed solutions:

Here you need to describe in general terms what is necessary to help solve the problem. Placing information on charitable activities in social networks should be a systematic, step by step plan to have. If the organization announced the launch of, it must also say that the stock is moving and what are the results.

Use location-based services to inform the public about the social. projects in the region. You must use the principle of business planning, understanding who will do what and how. Creating an application or a game for the social network, through which you can donate a certain amount. Simplification of the transfer of the money, the introduction of online payment systems in the social networks, so you never have to go to the organization itself or seek bank.

The technology, which is used to solve the problem:

What do you think of what technology has the potential to solve this problem? (Eg, mobile devices, social networks, geospatial technology, etc.) Social networks and location-based technologies Existing problems or other similar cases: What other information can help technologists in the robot on this problem? There are many cases where organizations are not actively post information about the collection of money and the final results, stopping at the primary appeal to the public. It creates the false impression that the main objective - that is just collecting money and not use them for good. The end result is overwritten. The technology must use the positive experience of other organizations, and on this basis to build new strategies, database.

Action plan:

Once you have identified a potential solution to the problem, present your plan of action to address the problem. Use location-based services (eg, maps), displays information about the projects going on in specific regions of the country. This will simplify the involvement of volunteers and executives. Focusing is not on problems, but on how they are solved in each region. Thus, it becomes evident that the work goes on, and it is easy to join. Place information is not fragmented, and make it a cycle, the system: make a specific problem (which raises money) to describe step by step, as is the collection, who is involved, and involvement of the development plan (whether you agree with the ways of solving the problem, we offer that you can change) to place statements (photos, scans of checks), to distribute the full information about the result of the action. Use of business strategy at work: clearly set goals, objectives, know your audience and, therefore, to use certain tools. Creating applications, games for social networks, through which you can donate a certain amount. All friends will see this information, "what Bob is good, what have I done." Creation of a common database on social projects in the Ukraine to search for participants, volunteers, so everyone can evaluate the projects and select the most suitable to him.