Supporting and helping unregistered or ‘illegal’ NGOs

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Summary of the Problem:

Several governments of the world prosecute “unregistered” NGOs, and create impassable barriers on the way of obtaining legal status.

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

We need changes of policies are needed for Western democracies’ institutions for repressed NGOs to be recognized, and changing of formal requirements, which make impossible to establish partnership with “illegals”. More attention to the issue of protection of the Right to Association, and providing help to repressed activists.

Technology to Solve the Problem:

Launch of a web resource, devoted to the problem. Lobbying of necessary policy changes using social networks, online petitioning etc. To establish a community of “informal” NGOs and their partners around this web resource. Trainings for “illegal” activists concerning safe activism in repressive environments.

Existing solutions or relevant links:

Registering “twin” organizations in neighboring countries (but there are issues, connected with such solutions).

Follow-on Actions:

Present ideas and get feedback, to define target countries (who need help, who can help). To form a working group of concerned people to launch a web resource.