System of Communication Between Health Center and Patients

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System of Communication Between Health Center and Patients

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This project was developed at the TechCamp in Santiago, Chile on November 20. TechCamp Santagio had over 100 participants, including a few US technologists, over 20 Chilean Tech community representatives, and approximately 80 NGOs and civil society organization representatives from across Latin America. Small group discussions between technologists and civil society organizations were used as a means of developing valid problem definition statements.

The point of contact for this project is Noel Dickover ( or is a secondary contact. He is US-based and can be reached via email or cell during RHoK at seven-zero-three--two-three-one--three-nine-one-two, or via twitter at @NoelDickover. Noel may be available via Skype (NoelDickover) Friday evening, late Saturday evening and Sunday.


Users and health systems do not have efficient and effective bilateral mechanisms of communication. While there are options for remote health support, (such as Frontline: SMS Medic), there are a lack of contact mechanisms with patients. This is especially problematic in disaster situations.

Description of Need

There is a need for a system of communication between the health system and patients, making bilateral communication more efficient with remote patients. For example, it would allow patients to get an appointment in advance, or it would allow a health facility to announce by SMS that its hours of operation have changed or been suspended. Tools to use here include electronic mail, Facebook, Twitter.

An electronic communications system that does not require the physical presence of the user or calls to health centers for activities such as questions about office hours, cancellations, etc.

Who Needs This?

--Health institutions and their users.


Use Case/User Story/Scenario

--An institution needs to cancel all doctor appointments for the day; it sends an SMS to patients for the day.

--A patient needs to contact the health system to reschedule an appointment, and does so via SMS.

-- A patient needs to get the results of their blood work, and contacts the health system via SMS

Description and Constraints

Must be SMS-based

Similar projects and Resources

Frontline SMS:Medic. This may be best seen as another module to Frontline SMS:Medic.

Project Mwana's Results160 and RemindMi rapidsms apps description, code

En Español

Sistema de Communicacion entre Centro de Salud y pacientes

Daremos las definicaciones de problemas a un grupo global de progamadores voluntarios que se llaman “Random Hacks of Kindness” quien crearan soluciones a estes problemas desde el 4 hasta 5 de diciembre.

Resumen del meta

Los usuarios y los sistemas de salud no cuentan con mecanismos de comunicacion bilateral eficiente y eficaz. Mientras hay opciones de apoyo de salud de lejos (como Frontline: SMS Medic), faltan mecanismos de contacto con pacientes. Esto es aun mas dificil en situaciones de disastre.

Descripción de la necesidad

Un sistema electronic comunicacional que no implique la presencia fisica del usuario o llamadas a los centros de salud para actividades tales como solicitud de horas, suspensiones, etc.


Quien lo necesita?

Instituciones de salud y sus usuarios.

Caso Típico=

Una institucion require suspender todas las atenciones de un medico que no va a atender ese dia; envia un SMS a los pacientes programados para ese dia.

Soluciones que ya existen o enlaces relevantes

Mensaje de texto (SMS), correo electronico.