Tech-enabled support groups to empower marginalized women

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Group 3

Project Title:

tech-enabled support groups to empower marginalized women

Project Video

Project Participants:

Nabeel (PWN+), Nandini (DigitalGreen), Raihana (ADF), Rukh (YUWA)

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Problem Set Format

Summary of the Problem

Stark inequalities exist between women and men in Asian countries (eg. Afghanistan, India). In the name of culture and religion, women are often denied opportunity to overcome these inequalities. Women have limited access to information and education. Particularly communities of women such as HIV affected women in India or women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan.

Summary of the Proposed Solution

  • Reaching women with limited economic means while overcoming cultural barriers to travel and public interaction
  • Share information about topics of interest to them – entrepreneurship, learning technology, education, livelihoods, health issues, saving money, government schemes
  • A platform to promote and provide support and education for women

Technology to Solve the Problem

  • SMS in local languages to share information like daily market rates of vegetables
  • IVR or Video for documenting success stories of successful women entrepreneurs through video
  • Projects, Pico-projectors, DVD players to share video content
  • IVR Groups to create support groups

Existing solutions or relevant links

There are already Shoras taking place which are group meetings with 50-60 women the aim of which is to help women access financial and business development support form Agricultural Development Fund. There are already district level support groups and resource centers for HIV affected women which can provide access to information about relevant government services and schemes.

Follow-on Actions

Implement in one province.

  • Find potential women – role models – have these women stand up and be able to reach out to them at Shoras. Document these stories of successful women entrepreneurs through video.
  • Offline and online networks of women entrepreneurs in various provinces.
  • Offline – through meetups at the regional meetings every three months – funded entrepreneurs in these provinces can connect with each other and support each other.
  • Online – these can be shared through weekly calls – sharing problems, and stories of women – and allow them to support each other over time.