TechCamp Facilitator Guidance

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Interactive Plenary (Spectogram)

  • Get the MC’s to “Lean into the talking points”. Really get them to highlight each word.
  • Get them to really make clear via intonation the juxtaposition in terms

Fast Paced Project Presentations (Speed Geeking)

  • Translators
    • Choreograph the translators. Set them clearly in the schedule so they know ahead of time which topic they are translating.
    • If possible, get the translators to meet with the tech facilitators so they we can determine which is best matched up
    • Instruct the Tech Trainers to put some space between their words
  • Ghettoize the language groups. Otherwise its too hard to figure out. If in Russian, and all the questions are coming in Russian, this is better.
    • Get raw numbers of participants’ language preference to build the right number of groups

Topical Breakout Discussions (Drumbeat Session Notes)

  • Have facilitators “announce the topic” with only a sentence and then go outside the room with a # Packard
  • Instructions to participants
    • “When you speak, make only one point”
    • If you have N# of people in a group, only speak N amount of the time

Hands-on Training Sessions

  • Spreadsheet with
    • Tech Trainers, translators, projector needs
    • Larger groups go to smaller room as a single group