TechCamp Morocco: Authenticity Awareness Campaign

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Project Title

Group 1: Authenticity Awareness Campaign


Project Participants

NGO Project Lead / ONG Project Lead:

Technologist Project Lead

Project Presenter

Summary of the Problem

How do we use social media to train people to distinguish between authentic and inauthentic content in order that they can better manage their digital reputation and offline communicate skills?

In North Africa, we have noticed that authenticity online is a problem that people have been facing. The problem, as we perceive it, is a lack of integrity on social media platforms such as fake profiles, false information and lack of trust.

The group of people that would be able to implement this mission is mainly NGOs and the youth that we are trying to reach and engage in civil society activities.

Summary of the Proposed Solution

The solution we came back with is organizing campaigns that are meant to raise awareness amongst the youth on how to best use social media platforms. We will be targeting the general audience and site administrators.

At the level of administrators, we want to encourage webpage owners to interact more effectively using pictures, videos and testimonials and contribute directly with their audience through facilitating conversations, surveying their interests and responding to their messages.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Social media is the main technology we will be using, but geo-tagging, newsletters, mobile phones and other technologies will definitely be used in the process to support the implementation.

The NGO trainers need to, first, familiarize themselves with the existing platforms, issues and concerns so that they can be ready to build a campaign. Then, the trainers will collect study cases to use in the campaign: fake pictures, stories and incidents that relate to inauthentic content.

NGOs also need to build their trust around their platforms in order for them to be established as trusted sources of content.

Existing solutions or relevant links

The existing help centers, social media sites, information already gathered by participants


Follow-on Actions

World Learning will include modules that relate to online identity, authenticity issues and online presence in their weekly training workshops for CSOs and students.

Other people from the group will be invited to participate online by sharing stories and experiences that relate to the topic.

Crowdsourcing in order to have more participants and other people to contribute by adding relevant material

We will ask for an email list and invite people to like the page and contribute by adding materials, and we will hopefully be invited to other pages and relevant activities organized by other TechCamp participants.

Connecting with other TechCamp participants in order to share our experience which can be used as a model for other NGOs and activists to implement in their regions.