TechCamp Morocco: Civilian Convoys Organized Through Social Networks

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Project Title

Group 12: Civilian Convoys Organized Through Social Networks


Project Participants

NGO Project Lead

Regional Youth Council Salé - + Moroccan Association for Educational Youth Branch Sale

Technologist Project Lead

Project Presenter

Summary of the Problem

How can the promotion of civilian convoys across social networks to mobilize human resources, logistics and media (packing, news ...)?

Summary of the Proposed Solution

Use of information technology available and linking them

  • social media plan
  • social media planning

Technology to Solve the Problem

Maholt employ all available technologies to promote the objectives of the convoy and Medha, programs and places

  • social media plan: youtube, facebook (page, event) web site, twitter, Flickr.
  • Videos & Infographics
  • Live Tweet Live streaming or quick streaming

Existing solutions or relevant links

Follow-on Actions


  • logistical setup and digital multi-media communication and dissemination of social media plan


  • Open meetings with youth + documentation direct ustream and social networking + photos and video documentation to prepare Podcats


  • Reporting multimedia audio-visual written ... And shared with the public through social media plan