TechCamp Morocco: From Technology to Offline

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Project Title

Group 7: From Technology to Offline


Project Participants

NGO Project Lead / ONG Project Lead:

Qabila + Ma7liat

Technologist Project Lead

Project Presenter

Summary of the Problem

The main problem is people’s awareness about their civil rights and who is in charge for what and how to succeed in changing their problems specially those who are not connected with the technology.

Summary of the Proposed Solution

Using all means of technology, events and outreach activities to raise people’s awareness with simplified, localized and attractive messages, videos and Images.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Youtube, social media, blogs, instagram, AV projectors.

Existing solutions or relevant links

Bambuser, mapping

Follow-on Actions

  • Research team: to gather real information about local problems
  • Technologists and marketers: to localize messages in a simple and attractive way
  • Youth connected with technology: to share information using mobiles, outdoor projectors and face to face communication with those who don’t have access