TechCamp Morocco: How Can Social Media Help Me Promote an NGO Events Portal

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Project Title

Group 13: How Can Social Media Help Me Promote an NGO Events Portal?


Project Participants

NGO Project Lead

Technologist Project Lead

Project Presenter

Summary of the Problem

A problem that face many NGOs is the promotion of their events, actions or the ability to have a web presence that attract volunteers, participants or sponsors/donators. We identified and detailed some specific problems:

  • Geographic limitation of the NGO communication
  • There's no person fully available to manage the communication or the web presence of the NGO, when there's one person or more available, there's a real problem when he or she leaves the NGO.
  • Some NGOs faced bad experience with the codes and passwords of webhosting or social networks profiles when it's not the NGO that manage that.
  • NGO don't know how to attract people (participants, new members, volunteers, donators, sponsors...) via the social networks.
  • Many people don't know about actions when they happened, they know just after.

Summary of the Proposed Solution

  • We focused on using the same tools that are used now by most of the NGOs, including emailing, social networks, website, forums.
  • We split the solution in two sections :
  • A general part, that can be used by the NGO all over its existence, including best practices on social media management ;
  • A specific part, including a strategy for communication before, during and after the events and actions, a media kit for beginners.

Technology to Solve the Problem

To use essentially the NGO website, webportals and Social media: All time best practices

When creating a website

  • When hosting a website, create your account with the official email for the NGO and give the official information of the NGO and not the personal information of the president or the webmaster
  • Start small and start with the essential, you can always expand
  • In your website, talk clearly and briefly about the NGO objectives and planned actions
  • Use trust markers : physical address, phone numbers, key members, real sponsors
  • Start blogging about NGO concerns and actions, it's better if the blog is attached to the website (ex :

On social media

  • Choose few platforms to be in, mostly Facebook and Twitter, why not be on foursquare.
  • Use the official email to create social media accounts.
  • Have smart objectives and analytic indicators : manageable, attainable, relevant, timely.
  • Focus on quality not in quantity, one bee in the field is better than one million flies (amazigh proverb).
  • Manage and listen to the community.
  • Be patient.
  • Always ask members to be engaged on the NGO social networks (comment on the page, share URLs, retweet)

What to do before, after and during an event or action

Before :

  • Write a brief (written for the web) press release about the event answering those questions : what's the event about, where, when, who is organizing.
  • Add this press release on your website (or blog), and send it to the webportals in your city and specialized portals (ie : .
  • Start talking about the event on social a month before it starts.
  • Create a facebook events and invite your members, activists and friends
  • Schedule nightly automatic publications (one per day) using hootsuite during the month before the event,
  • Inform your followers daily about the evolution, program and the eventual changes of your actions.
  • Use emails to inform people you know
  • Don't hesitate to call by phone, action domain experts and invite them to the event

During :

  • If you use twitter, Create a specific hashtag and display it everywhere to the audience
  • Display the facebook page, website URL to your audience
  • Invite people to take photos and videos and share it on their social networks

After :

  • Create photo gallery of the event on the NGO facebook page and the blog
  • Write a full summary of the event on the NGO blog
  • Inform people on the facebook event with the links to the blog summary, and different photo galleries
  • Get feedback : on the event page and facebook page, ask people about their experience during the event

Existing solutions or relevant links

[ Hootsuite] [ Tanmia] [ Facebook] [ Foursquare] [ twitter]

Follow-on Actions

  • Training session for the NGO members who manage the social networks
  • Comment analysis
  • Evaluate social media objectives and renew them if needed