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Project Title

Group 16: Injad Tech


Project Participants

NGO Project Lead

Technologist Project Lead

Project Presenter

Summary of the Problem

Mapping to coordinate volunteers to find volunteer opportunities, social and cultural rights in neighboring areas.

Suffers sons static area 'ordinary' / Middle Atlas, difficulty in access to educational institutions certain you know where this area topography hinder school enrollment, especially in cold days, so come the idea of this project in order to facilitate access and enrollment their schools. On the other hand thereMahmoah moon volunteers were present in different areas of the Morocco Mstaidyn provide social assistance, but they find it difficult to identify and access to this area.

Summary of the Proposed Solution

The help of a small team based diagnosis of the region with the collection of information relating to persons and know Altobgraveh situation of the region with the help of an expert in the field

Integrating this information obtained in the database to accomplish Map help new volunteers in the access to the area.

Web Mapping technology will help determine the region and address the problem before and also attract new volunteers and to find solutions to other problems.

Technology to Solve the Problem

  • GPS (Smart Phone)
  • Formhub(Smart Phone)
  • Web Mapping

Existing solutions or relevant links

Follow-on Actions

Real-time follow-up of the area either by volunteers or reports a field visit to the place to find out the progress of the activities of the volunteers.