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Project Title

Group 15: Part of Us


Project Participants

NGO Project Lead

Technologist Project Lead

Project Presenter

Summary of the Problem

A lot of people in Libya need prosthesis but there is a lack of facilities to get them and travelling to the existing facilities is too expensive There is a need to identify where people in need are and where those facilities could be built to provide timely support in the right locations Group of people that would be better able to implement their mission if this problem were solved: NGOs; government; universities and the health stakeholders

Summary of the Proposed Solution

The solution proposed will start from collecting data about where people that need prosthesis are, including from the professionals working on this issues, to identify where facilities needs to be built. The choice of the location will also be based on the easiness of access for people living in the surrounding areas. The resulting data will be mapped and shared with relevant stakeholders to raise awareness about the problem; and possibly raise funding to support the next steps of the project.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Technology to collect/update the data:

  • Social media
  • SMS
  • Web Forms
  • E-mails
  • smart phones app
  • OSM data collection tool

Mapping the data:

  • MapBox/OSM
  • Google spreadsheet

Advertisement and awareness campaign:

  • Posters
  • Radio
  • Stickers
  • Social Media
  • SMS
  • Public Website
  • Videos
  • Newspapers

Existing solutions or relevant links

Mapbox OpenStreetMap

Info that can help: Mobile and internet penetration Geographical information about places to know where to build facilities Transportation

Follow-on Actions

Action 1. Create a template to understand what information to collect – with the help of experts in prosthesis and health + urban planning/engineers Rehabilitation Centers – Benghazi and Tripoli Engineers for Libya EPET

Action 2. Stakeholders and source mapping: understand who can provide information and how Ministry of Health Who Local Authorities

Action 3. Create the technology/mapping tools to collect the data, analyze it and review it EPET Engineers for Libya

Action 4. Advertisement campaign to start collecting the data Attwasol Assiciation. Shabab Libya FM Libya Alhurra TV

Action 5. Collect the data and Share it openly EPET

Action 6. Advertisement campaign for advocacy and fundraising to build the centers