TechCamp Morocco: Sharing Experience and Get Feedback Between Arabic NGO –Survey Mechanism Implementation

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Project Title

Group 14: Sharing Experience and Get Feedback Between Arabic NGO –Survey Mechanism Implementation


Project Participants

NGO Project Lead

Technologist Project Lead

Project Presenter

Summary of the Problem

Lack of tools to get feedback from citizens and exchange experiences and success stories between Arabic NGOs

Summary of the Proposed Solution

Since only 1/3 of Arabic citizens are present on social networks. Why not use mobile as tool to reach all Arabic citizens and special the no connected ones to Internet.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Mobile phone, ( all services)

Existing solutions or relevant links

What other potential information or existing website could help the technologists solve this problem?

Follow-on Actions

Launch a survey scenarios by following the below steps : Post preparation : Promote a given survey through social networks, Radio , TV , flyers , Create “How to do “Video to explain the aim of a given survey

Create survey scenarios , by taking account the below points  :

  • Criteria list  :
    • Define a Targeted group
    • Define group size
    • Define window time of survey
    • Be aware of Operator Telco network capacity
    • Put a priority regading the messages to send through a given survey
  • Be clear if the survey is Local or global  :
    • Street
    • Region
    • City
    • Country
    • Area
  • Content  :think about the appropriate content for targeted group ( Text , voice , combined messages
    • Not send more that 3-5 questions per message
  • Negotiation with Operator and service providers
  • Use a combined technology of survey allowing sms , voice , or link , ( diffrents languages )
  • Share result with citizens who will answer the survey
  • Motivate targeted group by some prize of participation