TechCamp Morocco: Tech the Students

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Project Title

Group 6: Tech the Students


Project Participants

NGO Project Lead / ONG Project Lead:

Technologist Project Lead

Project Presenter

Summary of the Problem

Lack of a platform where University students in Morocco can proactively communicate, interact and eventually influence the decision making.

Summary of the Proposed Solution

A website and developed mobile social platform (Mixt) to encourage proactivity and solution oriented mindsets amongst university students involving these by upgrading users to admins through a rewarding system.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Mixt and a website and mapbox

Existing solutions or relevant links

What other potential information or existing website could help the technologists solve this problem?

Fcabeook Twitter Telcom opperators

Follow-on Actions

  • Prototyping.
  • Make the website (open source forum software)
  • Getting access to students in one class in one university
  • Assessing Usage and usability.
  • Surveys, focus groups
  • Bettering the solution