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TechCamp Tirana : Environment

December 5-6, 2013

TechCamp Tirana, will be an innovative collaborative forum which focused on the theme of “Technology and the Environment” hosted on December 5-6 in Tirana, Albania. TechCamps are part of the U.S. Department of State’s Civil Society 2.0 initiative to connect civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, and local governments with the technology community to help increase your digital literacy, growth and outreach potential as well as your ability to operate effectively and efficiently in the 21st century.

TechCamp Tirana will be a hands-on, highly interactive two-day event that will allow NGO groups to meet top technologists from around the globe through a series of training and brainstorming sessions. These interactive sessions will promote collaboration and exchange of best practices and challenges with like-minded environmental groups and local governments.

Participants will discuss ways in which new and exciting technologies can be used to find high-impact solutions to difficult problems for little or no cost and build lasting relationships with other civil society and environmental organizations and technologists in Albania, to create a sustainable community that fosters innovation for social good.

TechCamp Tirana will bring together environmental activists, organizations, and like-minded governmental representatives that are interested in empowering civil society with emerging technology solutions that will enhance the success of their programming. In this highly collaborative and technology-focused environment, we will focus on ways that your organization can better use technology to ensure a cleaner world including topics like waste managment, lack of data, lack of resources, pollution, erosion, deforrestation, management of rivers and water etc.

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