Using Social Media to Encourage and Educate People

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Summary of the Problem

  • The lack of social media awareness for the younger population, and resistance of accepting technology in the older population, in disaster prone areas.
  • Lack of awareness of benefits from conservation efforts. 
  • Lack of supporting infrastructure.

Description of the Needs

Before we start to design the action program, first of all we need to the mapping phase (physical and social mapping). In this phase, make sure that we find all the relevant needs. From the discussion, there are some major needs that occur:

  • We need tools and training facilities for Internet technologies in disaster-prone areas. 
  • We need key local figures to be the evangelist in their area. 
  • We need good, tailored content modules on using tools. 
  • Social mapping to find Key Opinion Leaders of the community and how information's distributed in the community

Who Needs This?

Generally, social media can be used by anyone who is active in social missions. They -we can call them as changemakers- can be appeared from various backgrounds. The most popular type of doers are:

  • Student organizations
  • Universities 
  • Informal communities and groups
  • NGOs
  • Government

Or individual(s) who has the ideas and also the energy to make it happen.

Solution Space

There are some various spaces to work on. This can be identified once we finish mapping the objectives, needs and problems.

  • Social media - Facebook, twitter 

For identifying areas & evangelists:

  • Mapping Technology - finding risk areas
  • Widespread Communication Technology (SMS, etc) - they can proactively tell us that they want this information 

Use Case

Existing solutions or relevant links

There are some existing campaigns on encourage and educate people.

What Resources Are Needed

  • Communication facilities
  • Content for evangelists, and for them to share

Follow-on Actions