Using mobile phones to gather data

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Summary of the Problem:

How to use mobile phones to gather and capture data which includes text, image, video, audio, date, time, location, motion, direction, translations.

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

Multilingual toolkit which uses a decision tree to help select the right tool based on user’s needs and requirements like device, platform, language, functionality, encryption, etc.

Technology to Solve the Problem:

• Website which can be easily be updated by users

• Users can rank and give feedback about the tools

• Downloadable version for offline access to USB memory stick

• Forum to answer community questions

• Case studies and implementation templates on how other activists have used these tools in the field

Existing solutions or relevant links:

Existing Toolkits:

• Google Data Kit

• Mobile Toolkit from


• Grameen Foundation

Existing Tools:

• Open Data Kit

• EpiSurveyor

• Ushahidi

• FrontlineSMS

• RapidSMS

• AudioBoo

• Wiki

Follow-on Actions:

• Survey of existing resources/needs

• Development brief and proposal

• Budget planning, fundraising

• Team recruitment, project planning

• Implementation

• Launch and promotion

• Support and continues development