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When choosing a Venue to host a Tech Camp you are looking for a place with one large room accompanied by a series of breakout rooms. Ideally this might be a university, private sector space, hotel, or technology center.

The Large Room: Is primarily for introductory remarks, the opening "Speed Geeking" Round Robin technology showcase, and the final project presentations at the end of the day. The venue should be informal (no stadium seating), the more informal the space, the greater the comfort level and the more easily conversations can happen.

The room should be equipped with

The Break Out Rooms: The venue you choose should also have a number of breakout rooms that can be used for small group discussion and training. We recommend having four additional rooms with the potential for other informal breakouts in the main room, outside, or in a hallway. After the beginning statements at the start of the first day, participants will have the opportunity to break out into small groups based on the training session they would like to join. In one instance there might only be two people in a group - one technologist and one civil society person interested in the technology. In another case, there may be 10 or 20 people in a group. Depending on the size of the group you will likely be able to have two groups meet in one breakout room on either side of the room. Here are some pictures from previous camps:

  • Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee & Refreshments for Breaks)
  • Translation (A/V Booth for Translators, Headsets)
  • A/V (Projector for Main Room, Microphones for facilitators (2), Sound System)
  • Furniture (Chairs for main room, chair for breakout rooms, Coffee Tables for SpeedGeeking, Computers for small groups, Wifi)
  • Swag (Folders with take home material, printed agendas)
  • Materials & Supplies (Notepads, Laminited Numbers, White Boards for small group breakouts, Pens for white boards, Blue Electrical Tape, projectors (at least two for small breakout rooms))
  • Signage (Logo for TechCamp, Directional Signs, Numbers on the wall, Banners with Sponsor Logos)

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