Volunteer Spark: Volunteering to Change Palestine!

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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead: Arwa Jaber

Project Participants: University Students, Counslors, Community Volunteer Organizations

Summary of the Problem

How to utilize social media to mobilize “volunteer work” & youth led campaigns in Palestine?

Proposed Solution

  • Create a two day Volunteer Fair (make it an annual fair) where each volunteer organization can come and have a info booth and sign up to volunteer. Provide food, beverages. Get sponsors. Provide entertainment. Volunteer T-Shirts. Movie screening on Volunteer Work—providing testimonials, stories of successes, etc. Sign-ups that would be transferred to a database. Invite Non-Profits, Red Cross, municpalities, hospitals) Each University Student Center will host the Volunteer Fair.
  • Create/build a Facebook app or group to broadcast volunteer opps.
  • Database (App engine)
    • People who need volunteers
    • Geolocation
    • Badges
  • Incentives -> Food and drink, Social perks, gifts, Free stuff!!
  • CRM reccommendations
  • Subscriptions to Match volunteers with volunteer opps.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Model 1 -Create a centralized website that would include the following:

  • Facebook
  • Foursquare
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr/Blogs—each volunteer organization or volunteer project can have their own.
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube

Model 2

  • create decentralized website

Model 3

  • create network

Existing solutions or relevant links

Other links that are helpful:

  • Idealist.org
  • Craigslist.com
  • Volunteermatch.org
  • Khanacademy.org
  • Yelp.com

Follow-on Actions

  • Contact Universities: PR Department, Student Unions/Student Centers, Counslors/Coordinators, Student affairs.
  • Invite Non-Profit Organizations, Civic groups, Relief Agencies, etc.
  • Contact the Multiplicities.
  • Contact local Business for sponsorship: Jewwel…

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

Who: Need 10-20 organizing members, 1-2 students from each University, 6-7 project coordinators.

What: Creating a culture of Volunteerism among University students and connecting them with Volunteer Opportunities.

When: Timeframe of Event: September during Freshman orientation at each University.

Where: Palestinian Universities

Why: To change the world!

How: By Creating and establishing relationships with community partners/universities/family/friends through the vehicle of volunteer culture.

Practical steps

  1. Create Buzz + Reach Potential Volunteers (Working Groups of 10-20 people, 1-2 University representatives, 6-7 project coordinators)
  2. Create action/work plan for the Volunteer Fair
  3. Create Facebook Fan Page
  4. Create simple Wordpress website with Volunteer Testimonials, Success stories, Youtube Vlogs…
  5. Build relationships in community/build a network.
  6. Organize the Volunteer Fair.
  7. Hold the Volunteer Fair in September during Freshman Orientation.
  8. Collect data from community and keep in database
  9. Create website of Volunteer Matchmaking

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