We will see this!

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Group 12

Project Name:

We will see this!

Project Manager:

Vladimir Grebenkin

All project participants:

Sviridenko Olga, Paul Rutkowski, Svetlana Nikolaeva, Nikolaev Roman, Psyuk Mykhailo Melnychuk Oleksandr, Buko Xenia Karkina Eugene, Suvorov Darius Polish Irina Ulyanitskaya Anastasia Dobrodomova Alina

Short description:

Traditional methods of presenting information no longer necessary due to change in generation and development of technology. Visual information is more easily and more effective to convey ideas, issues raised by the organization and how they are making. Organizations do not have sufficient knowledge to create high-quality video content.

Proposed solutions:

providing training, practical application of the knowledge gained in the ongoing work of the organization, The technology, which is used to solve the problem: To create a video using video cameras, mobile devices, web-camera.  

To create:

video editor (Windows Movie Maker, Community Clips - record video from the screen, Office365 Lync videoconferencing and remote meetings, Edius, Google HangOuts) To advance the video: video hosting (youtube), social networks (VKontakte, Facebook), web-site of the organization, blogs TV Streaming video to mobile networks. targeted advertising. What do you think of what technology has the potential to solve this problem? (Eg, mobile devices, social networks, geospatial technology, etc.)

Existing problems or similar cases: Problems:

professional video creation is expensive, text advertising is perceived worse than visual, An example of the successful implementation of the video to the organization:

Youth NGO "Modern format" uses video to promote the individual brands to attract the target audience. Shooting the video at school recess with students with accommodation in the social network VKontakte, on video sharing YouTube. What other information can help technologists in the robot on this problem? Action plan: - to organize a series of training seminars (holding MediaBarCamp, distance learning), - holding contests (best video, best video blog) - the organization of the final competition, - the creation of video-digest materials.