Where is my money going?

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Summary of the Problem

In Aceh, in the reconstruction phase after the emergency response is over, expensive schools and hospitals were built that the community could not support. The decision making process for choosing where the money goes is not transparent, and often doesn't have the right expertise. payday loan For reconstruction projects there should a community buy-in portion where the funding organization can put forward their plans and people in the affected community can respond. Local participation in the reconstruction process would make the use of the money lots more useful.

It's not always clear where the money collected by fundraising efforts go. In some cases, there is a need for a more transparent funds collection and distribution process.

Description of the Need

We need a light, flexible system that would allow an organization to adopt a transplant process for taking in and expending funds.

Who Needs This?

Organizations who want to be transparent in their fundraising and distribution effort. For instance, if an NGO has a trust problem, they could mitigate their trust problem using this process. They would tie fundraising and transparency, to funding distribution.

Dian Indraswari is interested in this

Solution Space

This should be mobile based for sending money, but internet based for tracking

Use Case

If an NGO had a system that could allow their community to engage in reconstruction planning projects, where fund raising organizations could come and engage the community to make sure the money is spent responsibly, the community would get better use of the funds.

News stations do online telethons that collect money but it's not clear where it's going, or what it's doing. In this case, they could sign up for a simple, transparent process to collect funds, and distribute funds, where every transaction is transparently posted. This system would allow them to create an account, have a funds collection method, and a distribution method where all transactions are posted online.

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