Women Educational Empowerment: Correct Entry to Marriage

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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead:

Project Participants:

Summary of the Problem

Women Educational Empowerment: Correct entry to marriage [Pre-nuptial agreements (Jewish); early marriage (Muslim)]

Problem: Women get married without awareness of future consequences. Target group: Every woman who is about to get married.

Proposed Solution

Reaching women/families/communities at the moment they are thinking about marriage or planning on getting married; harnessing opinion leaders to be role models presenting their stories

Provide means for finding further information and support, like lawyers and support groups that can help with council and advice

Technology to Solve the Problem

  • Create a Facebook page
  • Write in Forums/Blogs/Relevant Facebok Pages that people who are planning a wedding use (mitchatnim.co.il)
  • Put Ads/Contests in Sites/Pages of relevant services (halls, wedding dresses)
  • Run an ad in facebook for people who change their status to "engaged"
  • Create a film featuring couples who have signed agreements for YouTube, send a link through facebook
  • Provide SMS service for details and consultation (private)

Existing solutions or relevant links

  • Characteristics/tone of the campaign:
  • Positive: this is about marital happiness, not divorce
  • Suggestive, not forcing
  • Stories of couples who decided to sign "we love each other, therefore we signed"
  • "We are happily married, and we are happy we signed it"
  • "Because I loved her so much, I offered to sign it"
  • Find celebs who will sign an agreement => elevate the buzz

Follow-on Actions

  1. Identify support networks that we want to make available and get them lined up to support the initiative (lawyers, celebrity spokespeople, NGOs, support groups)
  2. Match the people identified above to the way we are going to raise awareness about them: for example, the celebrity spokespeople match to the YouTube videos, the lawyer matches to the Facebook ads campaign, the support network distributes SMS numbers at wedding forums and stores)
  3. As campaign goes on, identify new case studies / stories to keep adding as short narratives or videos to add to campaign on facebook pages / groups / youtube videos / etc to keep the stories fresh and moving. This builds the campaign over time to create a groundswell where signing an agreement or at least knowing it's a possibility is part of the process/checklist of getting married.

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