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Group 9

Project Title:


NGO Project Lead:

Mariya Kozubskaya, Internews

All Project Participants:

Kozubskaya Mariya Shankaruk Anton Taranenko Anna

Summary of the Problem

People live in apartments. But over the years some sections (elevators, stairs, walls, etc.) might get broken and the local authorities are supposed to maintain and fix them. What to do if your elevator is out of order? Or the entrance hasn’t been cleaned for weeks? Citizens who live there don’t know whom to report to and even if they do no action is taken.

Proposed Solution

Create an Ushahidi map that allows collecting data from citizens who live in dilapidating houses and present data to the local authorities. Data: pictures, videos, comments, location type. The map will help authorities to see the most problematic areas and plan their work according to the current situation. Technology to Solve the Problem Ushahidi platform

  • Sms reports
  • Twitter (using common #)
  • E-mail

Existing solutions or relevant links Action Plan Once a potential solution has been developed, what is your plan of action to implement it?

  1. Chose a pilot city/region
  2. Research on how the system of housing authorities works
  3. Research on the state of houses in different areas and learn on what extend people are willing to participate/cooperate/whether they do it now and how they do it
  4. Setting up the map (categories, means of communication). Start with Crowdmap as the projects grows transfer it to Ushahidi if there is growth for the project
  5. Meet with authorities trying to establish a partnership
  6. Launch pilot (communicating the project to community, manage the expectations of the users)
  7. Go back to authorities and present the first results
  8. Depending on the success of the pilot expand to other cities and even the whole country

The End