How can we maintain connections with anticorruption network activists spread through 23 regions of the country?

1 Presentation Video
2 Project Information
3 Summary of the Problem
4 Proposed Solution
5 Technology to Solve the Problem
6 Existing solutions or relevant links
7 Follow-on Actions
Presentation Video
Project Information
NGO Lead: Proética

Project Participants: Alexander Muñoz, Samuel Rotta (OSC), Jonathan Rupire (technologist)

Summary of the Problem
Proética has created groups of anticorruption activists in all regions of the country. Each group works in its city/region, but we are concerned that they share information and experiences. We have tried with tools such as mail lists and forums, but they have not worked as we hoped. The problem i show to keep these activist interconnected.

Proposed Solution
Increase the availability of information on the activities of the members of the Anticorruption Network in real time by e-mail, social networks, SMS and by the web itself, in a way that can strengthen the sensation of action at the national level..

Technology to Solve the Problem
With the example of “La Cuidadora”, the technology that could assist in solving the problem could be an interactive map to report events and empower work in the network, keeping all the activitists informed in real-time, be it by e-mail, social networks or SMS.

Existing solutions or relevant links
La Cuidadora is an example: (
Follow-on Actions
Hold a meeting to deepen the possibilities of the tool and fine tune objectives.
Identify other organizations interested in this type of solution for setting up a network.