How can we motivate civil society members to volunteer?

1 Presentation Video
2 Project Information
3 Summary of the Problem
4 Proposed Solution
5 Technology to Solve the Problem
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Presentation Video
Project Information
NGO Lead: ENCUENTROS, youth house and Center of Studies and Publications


Summary of the Problem
The search for and the supply of volunteers is dispersed, many institutions soliciting many profiles for many causes
A platform that centralizes and articulates calls for volunteers does not exist.

Proposed Solution
Design and implementation of a virtual platform about offers and requests for volunteering..
Technology to Solve the Problem
YELLOW PAGES of volunteering in Peru.
Institutions offering volunteering by profile, place for volunteering, cause, duration …
People offering volunteering by profile, place of volunteering, cause, duration…
Internet registration template
Subscription to receive information by city,
The more you help you have a distinction
Diffusion via Facebook (@somosvoluntariosperu)
Information and Tools of Assistance for volunteering (of benefit as much for institutions and organizations, as for people who seek to develop volunteering.)
Diffusion vía twitter (#hashtag: #somosvoluntariosperu)
Sending SMS alerts by subscription
Map of organizations that solicit “profiles of volunteering” for their projects indicating the place that they would work, causes.
Georeference map of organizations and NGOs that promote volunteering.
Define agreements with communities of the technology type DRUPAL Perú ( to establish a relationship of mutual Assistance. A Drupal developer up-to-date with practitioners of PHP or professionals.

Existing solutions or relevant links
Follow-on Actions