Advantages of currency exchange for regular clients

The exchange rate of the dollar to the hryvnia directly affects the standard of living of every ordinary Ukrainian. Reliable service Обменка Харьков offers the best conditions for currency exchange. The economy of Ukraine directly depends on the stability of the national currency. In difficult times of crisis, our hryvnia often falls against the dollar and the euro. In stable times, the exchange rate of the national currency is strong and sometimes even slightly increases in relation to world currencies.

Unfortunately, during the entire period of the existence of independent Ukraine, our country was very often in a fever in the economy. Over the past 25 years, the US dollar has grown almost 20 times against the hryvnia. That is why every person living in Ukraine prefers to keep their savings in dollars, euros or pounds sterling.

Given the unstable state of our economy, the vast majority of entrepreneurs regularly create a high demand for exchanging national currency for foreign currency. Exchanges in all cities of Ukraine are growing like yeast. Now you can easily exchange hryvnias for the required amount of dollars or euros at any time of the day. This is especially relevant for entrepreneurs who work with European or American companies.

If an entrepreneur makes large purchases of goods in other countries, he may need a large amount of foreign currency in a short period of time. It is often unprofitable to make an exchange at a bank due to the exchange rate difference. In such cases, private currency exchange offices come to the rescue of entrepreneurs. What are their advantages over banks?

1. Economy

The exchange rate difference between buying and selling currency is often lower than in banks. This makes it possible to save part of the funds.

2. Operativeness

You can exchange currencies almost at any time of the day. In banks, you can often wait for the required amount from one to several days.

3. Special conditions

Regular customers receive an additional discount when exchanging large amounts. It turns out that the price of exchanging a large amount of currency will differ from the so-called retail price for other customers of the exchange office. A difference of 1-2% from the price when exchanging large sums can save serious money. Some exchanges even issue special club cards to wholesalers.

4. Reliability and protection

Any serious exchange office is ready to provide protection functions for clients who have large sums for exchange. You will be met near the car, taken to the cash register and escorted on the way back.

If you are a regular customer, you will always have an advantage over ordinary people and you will always be welcome.

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