How to train in diverse locations without the need for much economic investment?

1 Presentation Video
2 Project Information
3 Summary of the Problem
4 Proposed Solution
5 Technology to Solve the Problem
6 Existing solutions or relevant links
7 Follow-on Actions
Presentation Video
Project Information
NGO Lead: / Pilar Tello (IDEA intl.)


Summary of the Problem
It is necessary to develop Strategies and Mechanisms to training in diverse locations without the need for much economic investment.

IDEA, IDEELE, REMURPE, CNR, PUCP, CEDEP, WAIMAKU and all the organizations that need to do training in Democracy and Development in Peru.

Proposed Solution
Set up a web platform for virtual training.
Directed at:
Local, regional and national authorities and representatives.
Social leaders
Political leaders.
Initial Themes:

Functioning of the State. (IDEA / Remurpe)
Communications tools. (CNR)
Human rights (IDEELE)
Gender (IDEELE)
Transparency and Access to information /open goverment (Proètica)

Technology to Solve the Problem
Set up a LMS (Learning Management System) platform based on free software “”, managed by a network of related organizations.

In addition, develop abilities in streaming Tools:

Follow-on Actions
1) NGOs/CSOs/Insts create a name and presentation paragraph (Ready!) 2) sets up a basic or framework platform and send out a manual (Ready!) 3) NGOs/CSOs/Insts invite other organizations and share their material (three weeks) 4) Meeting in “escuelab” (lab school?) with technicians of organizations to upload courses and content and training them in the tools (in 4 weeks) 5) NGOs/CSOs/Insts deliver already existing courses and materials – optic: free licenses (in 8 weeks) 6) NGOs/CSOs/INSTS/CHAMILO/ESCUELAB Simultaneous launch of the platform using accounts on social networks of all the participating organizations (in 10 weeks).